Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Mystery Solved

I came across my 30 missing BTD cavalry, tonight, hidden in the back of a box.  Embarrassingly, the command figures I thought BTD had failed to send me in September were with them, so I've bunged BTD an apology, and an order for another 21 cavalry which should give me plenty to be going on with...

Tonight I played a second game of Command and Colors Napoleonics, which was even more enjoyable than the first.  We played the second Rolica scenario, which has just about the roughest terrain I've ever seen in a C&C game.  I managed to win, playing the heavily outnumbered French, which was very pleasing!  Some lucky rolling was involved... top game. 


Andrew said...

Don't feel bad about accusing BT of losing part of your order. They have withheld plenty of other people's orders. I still haven't seen half of what I paid for back in 2009.

Matt said...


I'm umming and arring as to whether to order more EIR from BTD. I recall ages ago you posted pics or a link showing comparisons between BTD, Foundry, etc. You mentioned the 'Saleh' sculpt from Foundry as being close in terms of scale. When you've a minute could you please find that pic/link again? :-)



BigRedBat said...

Hi Matt, here it is the shot:-

The Saleh's and BTDs are pretty much the same size, but I replace BTD shields with Foundry shields for consistency. In general, the BTD cavalry and auxilia are better sculpted than the legionaries which are on dodgy dollies. You'll gather I'm quite reasonably pleased with the cavalry (as there are't a lot of alternatives in bigger 28!).

It really is all about which poses one wants, some are better than others. I do have spares of some of the miniatures (particularly legionaries and archers), if those are what you need.

Finally, if you ask BTD you might be able to get specific poses, rather than random mixes.


Matt said...

PM'd via wab forum.


Matt :-)

Chris said...

I'm really tempted to buy C&C Napoleonics, did you get it through GMT's P500 scheme, if so did it work out much cheaper when shipping was added or through a UK store? GMT have a Spartan expansion on P500 at moment at $35+shipping so if it does work out a little cheaper I might nab that too!


BigRedBat said...

P500 is cheap, but bear in mind that Customs may hit you for £15 quid or so, if you are in the UK...