Friday, 14 January 2011

Equites Singulares Praetoriae

I've finally finished my Praetorian cavalry (except the command stand, which I hope to start this weekend).  The riders are Black Tree and the steeds A&A; shields from Warlord Games, spears North Star and transfers VVV.

I'm really pleased with them.  I think the BTD rider figures are very nice (especially the helmets, have a click), and I plan to paint an awful lot more, especially as the proportion of cavalrymen in a Roman army was rather high.  Most of the others will be scruffier equites cohortales, though.


Inkub said...

They look very nice. Bases are very well done too.

Guidowg said...

Excellent work BRB, I like the mix of the helmet colours.
Your flying along with your figure output, I'm yet to complete one yet for 2011.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice!


Prufrock said...

As always, very nice job there BRB.


Legion Games said...

Great looking unit you have there. What do you use on the bases for texture?

Der Tsstler said...

good work, the BTD Roman Range is the best range for a reasonable price !!!

Caliban said...

Very nice again, Simon. It will be interesting to see how they look alongside the regulars. Do you rate the Praetoriae more highly on the field? Or are they like Napoleon's Old Guard - all reputation and no substance? Sorry, just thinking of the "overrated Triarii" thread on TMP.


BigRedBat said...

ps Legion games, I use my basing compound BigRedBatGunk, as per

BigRedBat said...

Hi Paul, the Praetorian cavalry were probably very good quality. On one occasion, in 69 AD, they trounced a much greater number of opponents.

Also, the cavalry in Ala were likely better quality than the cavalry attached to the cohorts.

jmilesr said...

Very nicely done. I really like the "Frankenstein" method of cobbling pieces together from different manufactures - it looks great and creates a rather unique unit for the table.

Docsmith said...

Nice job BRB - the basing in particular - the wildflowers give them a nice touch!


Bluewillow said...

Nice Simon,

great job on those, the sheild transfers are good, I will get some of them I think!