Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Looks like we got us a convoy...

I've excavated my 1980's collection of French Indochina stuff, and here are around half of the vehicles, displayed as a supply convoy.  They aren't too bad...  not brilliant, like Troop of Shrew's, but playable until I get better stuff.  

Above, an M8 armoured car patrols cautiously ahead of the convoy.  It is in the wrong shade of green (not olive drab), but with broadly correct markings. 

Above is the front section of the convoy.  The tanks are a slightly unfortunate hybrid of M3 and M5 (I converted from the former to the latter; perhaps it was hard to find M5's in the '80s).  But they are nicely weathered, and the Airfix M3 half track has the correct tent-like canopy.

Above is the body of the convoy; a US tanker and GMC trucks, and a rather lost-looking Matador that I bought around 1975, presumablly left behind by the Brits in WW2.  A third "M5" is in overwatch.

And to conclude (above) a closeup of one of the M5s.

I have around another half-a-dozen vehicles that need painting.  My plan is to supplement these with some of the new 1/72 Italeri and Pegasus fast-assembly kits, especially their GMC trucks, M3 half tracks and jeeps, and make up a GM100-like mobile column.


ArmChairGeneral said...

I like these! Which rules will you use?

BigRedBat said...

Ah, rules; not sure.

I'm organising stuff in "platoons" of 8-9 figures, based in sections very much as for Crossfire.

Crossfire may well be an option for rules, but alernatively I may write a simple hex-based set, with card activation.

Doc Phobos said...

They look great! Nice set up as well! :)

BigRedBat said...

Thanks Doc; it is Zama, again. I'm planning to add a lot of vegetation, though and some specific Indo-China features, in due course.

Consul said...

I love the paint work on them. How long ago were they painted?


BigRedBat said...

Probably before you were born, Consul; I believe in the late 1980's. I'd do better now, but it'll get me off to a good start.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Good work :)

Very nice kit

BigRedBat said...

As a postscript, I am staggered to discover that there are no M5s available in 1/72 scale, even now! I may also have to convert another M3 into an M8 HMC, at some stage.