Monday, 27 September 2010

A Little Roman Camp- Completed

This is the 15mm Roman camp from 3 posts back, painted, stained and varnished.  The palisade is my 49th Birthday present to my friend Ian, and the tents my 50th. 

By coincidence, today is my own 50th Birthday, so Happy Birthday to Me!  I shall celebrate by starting to base a couple more units.


Kasper said...

Congrats :-).
And the camp looks very nice.

Consul said...

Happy birthday old fella!

Prufrock said...

Very nice, and a happy birthday to you! My old man turned 50 last week, which just goes to show how young you really are ;-)

It looks to me as though you might have used a bit of the old dip on the commander's pteruges there? Looks very good, and if you didn't, I'm envious of your technique. The embankment stakes are very nicely done as well. Are they Bauda too?

*BTW, kidding about the old man. His birthday was two weeks ago (And he's a fair bit older than 50!).


DeanM said...

Happy birthday, Simon! Half a century and still going strong ;) I'm not far behind you - turning 49 this December.

15mm, huh? Now that's a diversion. Still Romans though.

Best, Dean

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Simon and nice little camp Romans, or should that be nice little Roman camp?

BigRedBat said...

Thanks chaps!

Prufrock, the stakes are plastic broom bristles! The whole palisade cost next to nothing to build, it is all recycled materials.

Hetairoi said...

Happy birthday Simon!
The camp looks great! Where are guard models from?

Gabriele C. said...

Happy Birthday.

I'm close too, turning 49 in October. ;)

BigRedBat said...

We are still in our prime, Gabrielle!

Hi Hetairoi, most of the minis are Donnington c1985, but the general is a Xyston.

Doc Phobos said...

Happy Birthday, BigRedBat! :) And well done on the camp.

Der Tsstler said...

Happy belated birthday !

Grégory Privat said...

50 years, 50 units to paint before next birthday.

Action !

BigRedBat said...

50 MINIATURES painted before my next Birthday wold be more realistic, Greg. ;-)


Counterpane said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you!

Glad to see you're still older than me.

- Richard C

BigRedBat said...

Hey Richard! Thanks.

My aged mind has been thinking of organising some sort of Gloranthan event... if it crystallises I'll let you know.