Sunday, 12 September 2010

Coh. I et II Bataviorum Eq.

I'm delighted to have finished basing my second Batavian Cohort and the cavalry detatchments of both Cohorts (below).  All pictures are clickable.

The second cohort (below) is broadly similar to the first cohort.  Most of the minis are a re-paint from an eBay purchase, with some BTDs and a couple of Crusader minis thrown in (I really love their cornicer,  please remind me next time I am critical of a Crusader sculpt).

Below is the veteran 1st Cohort, from early last year.

And finally, below are the combined cavalry detatchments of the two cohorts.  Each of the Batavian cohorts had 4 (later 8) turmae of cavalry, that could be grouped together to form substantial cavalry forces. 

I'm pleased with the below; I took an old cavalry regiment (another eBay purchase) of Foundry Caesarian Celts, whipped the shields off, replaced a couple of minis with BTDs, and all the shields with shields nicked from my Foundry Ancient Germans in order that they would match the infantry.  I tarted up the bases and horses a bit, and they look the biz.

So now, with 7 cohorts painted, I'm pretty near to finishing the Auxiliary infantry expansion programme, and I've made a small start on the Auxiliary cavalry, of which I'll need another 66.  Gulp.


Caliban said...

Hi Simon, just posted a comment but blogger didn't seem to accept it, so I thought I'd try again:

Just saying how good these are looking, and also that I like the big red bat on the standard. At least, that's what it looks like to me.


BigRedBat said...

Hi Paul, this comment came though fine. Thanks for the nice words. Not a red bat, though...

James said...

It's good to see the Auxilia getting their share of the attention. I try to include at least 50% auxilia in my Roman armies. Nicely done.

And the cavalry do "look the biz"!

BigRedBat said...

Thanks James, yes I've almost reached 50%. Auxilia are more fun, I reckon.

They had quite a high proportion of cavalry in their armies, too. At 1:20, there are 24 figures in a quingenary cavalry Ala; that unit will be a job and a half!

Sire Godefroy said...

Auxilia are the bread and butter to any Roman army. Forget about those parade ground legionaries, Auxilia are way cooler! *says he who's member of a reenacted auxiliary unit* ;-)

Impressive painting. I'd love to see an overview of the whole army.


Anonymous said...


I like it very much, the final view of both cohorts is incredible! But what a project painting so much chivalry dudes!

Cheers from Spain!

Gabriele C. said...

I've said before I have a soft spot for the Batavians, and those look very good.

Against whom are you going to send the lot? The need to do some fighting workout. :)

BigRedBat said...

Hi elsolado, in all honesty every one of the shields is a transfer. ;-)

Gabrielle, my plan is for the Batavians to fight the Romans' deadliest enemy; the Romans! This is, in part, why I need so many Auxilia.

Gabriele C. said...

Let me guees: Year of the Four Emperors?

BigRedBat said...

Yes. Much more interesting than trashing hordes of British rif-raf. :-)

Gabriele C. said...

Heh, you should ask Paul to build a model of Castra Vetera so you can stage that siege. And the battle in the flooded meadows - are those little guys waterproof? :)

BigRedBat said...

Beating the Gladiators at Cremona...

It would be lovely to do some swimming with horses.

Gabriele C. said...

Ah yes; forgot about that one. No wonder in the mess that was the year of the Four Emperors. ;)

The battle in the flooded meadows takes place towards the end, when the Batavians more or less rebelled against any Roman emperor. Civilis had some dykes cut that protected the Batavian lands from the Rhine delta floods, so the land was flooded knee deep which gave the Batavians a considerable advantage.

If you want some full style swimming, you'll have to pick either Anglesey (under Agricola) or the battle of Idistaviso against Arminius. The Batavians, fighting for Germanicus, crossed the Weser river with their horses during that one. (I'm going to have some fun with this in the novel I'm writing.)

Andrew said...

I'm impressed with how you can keep your collection to such a narrow focus. I'm painting armies from all over the place, which is why I never finish any of them.

Sire Godefroy said...

Just wanted to applaude your effort, but my comment seems to have been lost in translation. Or do you not want me to comment? ;-(
The new moderator function is a bit strange sometimes.


Secundus said...

Lovely stuff! They look very strong , robust units, nice work.

BigRedBat said...

Hi all!

Gabriele, also the swam the Themes in 43AD IIRC.

Sire Godfrey, the need to have this moderation is a real pain! Bl00dy spammers.

Hi Andrew, my focus wanders; I reckon I have 15-20 armies under way.

Secundus, I think yours have more Batavian flavour, but I just love those Salehs!

BigRedBat said...

Sire Godfrey- I found your missing quote!

I will eventually do a pic of the whole army, but I have promised that I won't take a pic of the legion until I have finished the last 2 cohorts. Last week I bought some part-pained minis on eBay, so this goal is getting closer!