Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pikes, Pikes, Pikes

My main theme for this year is going to be pikemen.

Here's the painting tray.  I'm actually painting 2 different phalanx simultaneously, each of which will eventually be 99 minis strong.  Each finished phalanx will be 24 figures wide and 4 deep, with most figures based in 8's, and a 3 figure command stand.  During games, I'll subdivide them into units of 32 or 48 depending on which rules I am using.

The first phalanx is a refurb of my Macedonian phalanx, from which I'm removing the dust clouds prior to more or less doubling it in size.  Some of these are at the bottom right, with newly primed reinforcements top left, and some recently finished troops bottom left.  I've developed a relatively speedy way of painting pikemen, making extensive use of spray paints, spray varnishes and dips, that should enable me to finish at least a dozen minis a week.  I'll write this up later on.  This unit will be the first to be finished, hopefully in around 4 weeks time. 

The second is an entirely new Egyptian successor phalanx.   Some of these are top right, almost finished (sans pike), and I already have 14 completely  finished and stored away.  This unit will mix Foundry and Polemarch minis, and have longer 100mm pikes; should look great!


War Minister Crittumbo said...

Very nice. What rules will you be using?

BigRedBat said...

Hi, I use the rules from the "Command and Colors, Ancients" boardgame, but do intend to write a set of my own, someday.

saxon dog said...

Great to see this WIP! I'm painting up Aventine Romans and it's all your fault!

BigRedBat said...

Hi Saxon Dog; I'm sure yours are going to look so much better than my humbel efforts! Which army?