Saturday, 12 June 2010

Coh. VIII Legio XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix

As part of my plans to tidy away partially painted units, I've just reconditioned 12 minis I bought painted on eBay, and painted 8 fresh minis, to join a spare command stand from 2008.

They constitute the 8th cohort of a projected 10 for my Early Imperial Roman legion project, which I've been working on, on and off, for 5-6 years.  Most of the minis are Foundry Saleh, with Copplestone cornicer and signifer and a converted Crusader officer.

At the moment, I'm painting masses of pikemen, whilst I deliberate about the next big project.


Docsmith said...

Very nice job BRB - you can't tell they're different makes - they look the business.


BigRedBat said...

Thanks Doc. I'm very lucky that the selection of suitable bigger 28mm ranges has expanded since I started.

Now, as well as Foundry and BTD, some of the new Aventines work, Gorgon do a lovely senior Centurion and Crusader do the "Rank and files" as well. So there is a much better choice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Simon.

I met up with an old friend who I have not seen for around 10 years and he had some of my old Romans and Ancient Germans which I painted up. They looked quite good, but sadly he would not resell them back to me.

It had me feeling all nostalgic for ancients, which has not happened for a while.
Cheers Paul

BigRedBat said...

Hi Paul, I've hardly ever been able to bring myself to sell anything I've painted!

I think I saw some of your Roman/German minis in one of your photos of an old setup; looked good.

Secundus said...

Arr the Romans, Takes me back....Taking of Romans It's all gone a bit Roman crazy again lately hasn't it. There's Sparticus, Blood and Sand on Bravo and we're soon going to be hit with lots of feature films by the sounds of things. Should do for a bit of painting inspiration.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Secundus, I like to keep the EIRs bubbling away in the background. Ever since the days of Airfix I've loved EIRs. They were my first army of modern times, and they are, perhaps, my favourite.

Vinnie said...

Very nice work....I have an Army of these guys waiting to be painted

BigRedBat said...

Me too, Vinnie! :-)