Monday, 26 April 2010

Zama- the Last Post

Super Bletchley Zama Slideshow!

These are the photos that my mate Ian took of our Bletchley game, and very fine they are, too!  They include quite a few closeups.



Secundus said...

Lovely, It's nice to see some close ups. The Natural light in the building in Blethley really helped the look of the hot dessert haze. Very nice painting on all the minis and good light to bring them to life. I do like your Celts, they look very 'clean' compared to mine. Great stuff. I'll do you a picture to celebrate your award as soon as I get a little spare time.

Docsmith said...

Wow - what a fantastic looking battle! The figures are superb - my vote also goes to the Celts, with those shield designs they really stand out; also the elephants with howdahs - particularly the dead one with the guy climbing on him - and the other one with the Roman light getting the shaft! Great stuff! My other fave is the(always very underrated?) Roman cavalry - they are beautifully presented figures.

Great pictures of great terrain and figures. With those shots you should write up a full battle report for WI or something. A thoroughly deserved award too.


Hetairoi said...


Phil B said...

Seen loads of positive comments from Salute attendees about your Zama boards / figures / battle.

A big pat on the back to all concerned.

Ubique said...

Ruddy marvelous display! Well worth all the hard work and effort.


Prufrock said...

BRB, congratulations to you and your mates on a grand project magnificently realised! Like all who've been followed your progress reports, I was hoping that everything would be completed in time and it would go off well. It seems to have done a fair bit better than that!

Thanks for the constant inspiration, and look forward to reading about your next projects when the batteries are recharged...


BigLee said...

I have finaly got all my pictures from Salute available to view on my Blog, included a load of your Zama game. Feel free to download any you like (just follow the link to my Picasa page).
Salute 2010 Pictures

BigRedBat said...

Thanks everyone!

Secundus, Nick painted most of those celts (and I others), I really like his style. I have plans to finish that army off with chariots and baggage. A picture- sounds brilliant! Still have your civil war as my screensaver.

Biglee, I shall have a good gander at your photos of Salute; I only managed to take 1 myself!

Thanks eveyone else. It was such a fun project, we'll have to get something along the same lines underway for next year; perhaps something with Romans, pikes and elephants. Or revolting slaves. I need to brainstorm with my fellow Militiamen....