Sunday, 18 April 2010


I realised whilst posting on TMP that there are a lot of people I need to thank for their help.

It was very nice to finally meet the Aventine boys in the flesh, who designed and painted so many miniatures for the Project, and Craig, too, who painted the other half of the Romans. Also John who made the trees and haystacks; the ever productive Nick Speller who splendidly painted so many minis that I went on to base. and lots of Cartho vetrans, too.  Keith, Adam, Craig and John travelled huge distances to be there. 

Then there was Ian who battled his way through at least 8 playtests, which helped the game to run perfectly on the day; and who helped to put all the pins in the boards. Twice.  Next week, at Salute, I'm also looking forward to meeting mon ami Greg again (who must painted at least a couple of hundred minis for the event) and gaming with fellow Muswell Militiaman Dr. Simon, whose minis made it to Bletchley even though he didn't.

It was great meeting people at the event, too, like 2mm Simon and the other Adam, even though the time for chat seemed so short. Also Dougie and Mark who made up our number of players to the critcal 8.  I wish their had been a bit more time to meet other people, too; the day just flashed past. I didn't even get to see very much of the other games. Sigh. Huge thanks to Richard Lockwood for organising the event! And to everyone who has supported the blog over the last year.

Cheers, Simon


Geminian said...

Thank you for allowing me to take part in the game Simon. It was an experience I will always remember, and also thanks for putting me up and putting up with me for the weekend.
We must do it again.

BigRedBat said...

Was great meeting you John! I think you narrowly took the record for longest journey.

I do wish that there had been a bit more action on your wing; I expect there will be a bloodbath there on Saturday!

Geminian said...

Neither the command cards nor the dice seemed to favour us but it was fun nonetheless, and has fired me up to building a Roman army of my own which I hope may one day be allied to yours for a proper shindig.

BigRedBat said...

The cards certainly weren't favourable; all those Roman "Line Commands", and the devastating "Clash of Shields" that cost us sooo many units.