Saturday, 3 April 2010

Board dressing

I've been frantically flocking my terrain.  My concept involved a lot of bare earth, and it looks like it'll be realised (if only because I don't have enough silflor clumps or time!).  The lush, green vegetation will be largely confined to the ditches, and I'll be drybrushing it lightly at the end, which will hopefully tie in in, better.

Greg, this is what the rest of the fields should look like, finished.


Docsmith said...

Congratulations BRB - it looks great. I like the ditches next to the rutted tracks - every major road in a semi arid area (or elsewhere for that matter) was often lined with a substantial ditch in places. Frequently a significant obstacle to cross (or avoid falling off the road into!)

This scenery is going to look great with the figures on it, not to mention a dead Nellie or two... or three.

Well done - look forward to seeing Zama in action on it!


Caliban said...

Hi Simon, your fame is spreading:

Hope you can access this; it's the Lost Battles yahoo group.


BigRedBat said...

Thanks, Doc. I hope I'm right with the ditches, I'm afraid they are largely guesswork. In fact the whole terrain is largely guesswork!

Paul, no I'd not seen that, thanks for the link.

I would love to see that bit of Tunisia, close up. Although I don't think we know exactly where the battle was fought, it would provide useful info on the local terrain.

Consul said...

Wow, what an amazing looking board! Very impressed. Love the ditches too, very realistic. I've spent the day looking in ditches so I can say they're pretty true to life!

My terrain board project hasn't started yet as my Dad wont take me to the DIY shop!


Dale said...

Very nice board. Heard about this on the Lost Battles forum.


BigRedBat said...

Thanks Dale! I must post there...

This week I need to mark out 64 square feet of hexes, and if it works my mehtod may be of interest.