Thursday, 17 December 2009

New Polemarch Cavalry Released

I'm cautiously excited by the new Polemarch Successor cavalry that popped up on the 'net yesterday.

The photos are alas not great, and one or two of the riders don't appear to be seated on the horses all that well.  I suspect that the photos were taken in bit of a rush, and I think that it would be worth revisiting them, as I fear that they don't do justice to the miniatures. 

Some of the riders look very nice, though, and I shall buy a few samples in order to see them in the flesh.  I aspire to a big Successor army next year.  The price seems fair, too.

Does anyone know about the square shield on the Tarentines?  I've always imagined them depicted with round shields and crested helmets, as in the AEMPW.  But I don't have the recent Osprey on Tarentines, perhaps more recent research has changed things.


Consul said...

The figures probably don't fit on the horses with such large shields. You can see they've tilted the figures in the saddle so that the shields fit too.

I have this problem with my Spanish cavalry. The only way of getting round it is to use excessive amounts of green stuff and buy different shields which is a shame.

GB's successors are beautiful figures. If only I didn't have that many other projects.. :(

Timur said...

Good news !
Yes Simon, for the Tarentines, it is the shield from the Ptolemaic Army of Nick Sekunda (Montvert) inspired by a Sidon Stele. Roughly, all the range seems inspired from this book. A really good thing !

BigRedBat said...

Could be, Consul. It also looks to me like the saddles are a bit thin for the riders; the horses really should be a bit broader in the belly.

Hi Timur, I wish I had those Montverts! It feels a bit odd to use a square shield on horseback, you'd think that the corners would keep bashing the horse.

I've ordered some of the Tarentines, and the Antigonid command pack.

Hank Edley said...

Well I dont have any of the Successor Cavalry in hand yet. But I do have the base horse dolls.

I am not sure about the photography here but these horse dolls are right in line with other horse work Steve has done only IMHO nicer. Which is not a knock .. it's just obvious that he has learned a few things over the past decade and refined a bit.

I expect there will be some updated photography in short order with some painted examples and these to fit in nicely with the rest of my collection.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Hank,

I've ordered some, and am keen to see them in the metal.

Possibly the horses have cast up narrower than the dollies; I gather from caster friends that horses often are reduced in width during the casting process.

If it is the case, then it's not the end of the world, as a saddle can be built up.

I do think GB should give some thought to retaking the photos, though, as they'll be what people base their buying decisions on (at least until there are some nice painted ones out there).

I gather that some cataphracts are on the way; very exciting!

Cheers, Simon

Hank Edley said...

I have found that casting methods appear to vary wildly. Even with the same caster depending on products and methods used. We are currently using some near zero shrink material for masters and fortunately have one of the best in the business who it seems is always willing to experiment.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Hank, do you just use the near-zero shrink when casting master copies? I've not run into that.

It's a complex business, this casting!

Hank Edley said...

It certainly is ..Simon. I have learned a ton in the short period of time I have been involved in this industry. Whether what I have learned is correct .. is another matter all together.

We have used no less than 3 different types of material for master models. While it certainly can be as "simple" as squishing some masters between two sheets or rubber. There is a good bit of science involved ... and it's like listening to me talk computer security to listen to this caster start talking about crystalization, uncuts, mould planes, amd the chemical properties of the mould material. I have dealt with a number of different casters over the years and Ive found one that I like ALOT!

Back on subject .. I got a big order to place right after the holiday. So I am really looking forward to these and your review !

BigRedBat said...

Hi Hank, it's all interesting stuff!

Keith at Aventine has chatted about what they do, and how they have experimented with different metals. He explained that some metals need more vents than others. And Barry at TimeLine was only telling me, this week, about how to arrange a horses legs when making a master! I've also had some interesting chats with him about the proportions of horses.

I love to dabble, just a little, around the fringes of the technical side of casting. I designed and made some fantasy greens and dropcasted them a couple of years back The minis were crude, but it was great to see an end product and the process was fascinating. One day...