Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Command & Colors + Glorantha

Mark Sims of Crusader Miniatures was suggesting on TMP that it would be good if we adapted C&C to be useable for fantasy games with our Gloranthan minis; well we already did!  I thought it might be fun to show some of the photos of a game I put on with Greg Privat of Gloarmy, and friends, at Salute in 2007.

We slightly amended the Command and Colors rules, to permit magic and very large creatures, such as the Crimson Bat and GonnOrta the giant.  We represented some of the major spells with effects, such as meteors for the Crater Makers and a pillar of fire for Cragspider.

Greg's impressive Gonn Orta model was converted from an Incredible Hulk toy.  Another impressive model was Greg's Moonboat (just visible on the right in the photo).

The mine was stunning.  It stood around 5 foot high, with a sound track and a lighting system of its very own.  Its only function was as a backdrop to the game.  If anyone wants to make an offer for it, it's in my cellar (in London); drop me a line and I'll forward it to Greg.

Above left, Gonn Orta and the Bat slug it out. 

And who can forget Nick Speller's Zombie whale?

There are many other photos on Greg's site under Articles, and many of the miniatures are featured on Greg's Miniatures Blog.


ArmChairGeneral said...

I really love that Whale and the giant and bat are also pretty impressive. IS the moon boat a scratch build? It is very good. I have not yet played Command and Colors.

BigRedBat said...

Hi; the whale is a conversion from plastic toys; legs of a dinosaur stitched onto the whale body (which is how it is described in the Gloranthan texts about Delecti, the warped mage who made it). The moonboat is a simple conversion from a galley.

One of the nice things about Glorantha is the imaginative ideas in the source material; lots of inspiration for modelling! Cheers, Simon

trev said...

I loved this game and I'm interested in your C&C fantasy ideas too. I'd love to do a Troll army. I'm such a butterfly it's pathetic. :)

BigRedBat said...

Hi Trev, I've always wanted a Runequest troll army, a la Trollpack. Never seen quite the right minis though...

crowmag99 said...

Hi Simon- don't know too much about runequest trolls, but there are some lesser known troll minis out there. I painted some years ago and loved them. look on Old Glory's site they are Ghost miniatures..Ice trolls..clubs etc several poses

BigRedBat said...

There's a particular look to the heads of Gloranthan trolls which sadly is not reflected in any of the bigger 28mm ranges.

Re other trolls, I saw a really nice army of Westwind Ice trolls, once.

For my next unit, I'd love to do some Gloranthan rhino riders. I have the rhinos and the riders, just not the time to paint them. :-(

crowmag99 said...

not sure, but maybe westwind are the one Im thinking of-from old glory-ice trolls

trev said...

Probably the best RQ Troll proxy I've found is the
Reven Bull orcs from Reaper. They look quite close to the illustrations in Haunted Ruins. They'd still need some conversion of weapons but it's a start. Some of them have seperate heads too, so if you had the skill you could make new resin heads that better matched the Trollpak pictures.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Trev, yes headswaps might work. I've got quite a lot of the old Citadel RQ Trolls that could be used for smaller trolls. Also some C series Orcs that look quite trollish. One day... one day.

I really fancy doing Prax. A couple of years ago I partially made some High-llama greens that would be fun to finish off, and to get cast.

Cheers, Simon