Friday, 19 June 2009

Operation Zama 2 I got together with Ian to have a look at how the game would work out on the table. We put 3 Command and Colors Boards in a row and laid out blocks representing the forces calculated earlier on the spreadsheet, which used about 90% of the available width.

The table will need to be 16-19 foot wide, by about 4 foot deep, and 2 hexes deeper than the standard C&C board, to permit each side to deploy in 4 lines with a suitable gap in between.

After shuffling some blocks around, we decided that we need to increase the overall numbers a tad because the Romans needed more velites (which bring the numbers up to 1300 minis; gulp).

So today I'm going to make a sketch of the deployments and make a few subtle adjustments to the spreadsheet (adding 64 velites). Ian will then create a diagram of the battlefield which I'll post here. Hopefully, it will be the largest C&C game ever, by a fair margin.

What we'll need to do is assign units to different people to paint. I'm excited to report interest from several different quarters (indeed countries), and have just received an offer to paint an entire 108 man Allied legion; more anon!
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