Tuesday, 26 May 2009

On the painting table...

These are the 2 units of recruit legionaries I've been working on over the last month; not far from completion, now. Just shields, varnishing and basing... more anon.


Secundus said...

These are looking very nice, I love the creamy/off white shields. The slogans are a nice touch and nicely done too.

Grégory Privat said...

èlephantt ? where is the elephant ? shouldn t you have an elephant on the working table ? Elephant ?? Elephant ?

Secundus said...

Just had another look at your Dislaced Minis site, there's some lovely pics on there!
I love all the Celtic/Germanic hordes, It good to see the large mix of figures you've used to put the Warbands together.

That's the great thing about Barbarians be they Celtic, Germanic or Dacian, They can all be mixed up to form one force. In my last battle I used my Celtic forces to represent Pleaderdocarix's Marcomanni army. It worked a treat and with all the different coloured shields and weapons in the air you really wouldn't have questioned it.

I'm looking forward to Warlord Games bringing out their Dacian range, I'm sure some of these will find their way into a Warband or two. Also I'm looking forward to getting stuck into your Germans, I always leave the best to last which sometimes means It takes years to get around to them.
My favourite Roman troop type are the Batavians, I have yet to do them even though I am constantly thinking of them. The latest Simon Scarrow book I'm reading contains a cohort of them so I hope this will inspire me to pick up the brush.

BigRedBat said...

Just spotted these!

Hi Greg, the elephants (I have 2 to do) will get there, but not until I've been a good boy and made space by finishing the legionaries. The eles are quite a big job...

Hi Secundus, When push comes to shove, I'm happy to mix Germans, Gauls and other hairies all together to make up the numbers.

However I still feel a couple of hundred Celts short of a decent army. I'd like to have more than 500 warband so I could do the Sambre (with perhaps 450 Romans). Perhaps we could do a demo game at a show together, sometime.

I love Batavians, and plan to do at least one more cohort and the integral cavalry.