Friday, 1 May 2009

First Cohort

This is the first installment of the first cohort of my EIR legion; eventually it will have 10 stands (each stand represents a century). The figures are from BTD (although the command are from Foundry and Crusader)- not the world's greatest sculpts, but they made a pleasing change to paint from the scores of Saleh EIRs I've painted previously. I replaced the BTD shields with Foundrys, because these are a better shape IMHO. The BTDs are a mm or two taller, which seems appropriate for the first cohort!

Here's a comparison shot of the BTDs next to some Saleh Foundrys. I have 6 cohorts of the latter completed, which puts me slightly over 2/3 of the way towards completing the legion (42 out of 64 legionary stands).


Consul said...

Great looking cohort you have there!

BigRedBat said...

Thanks, I'm quite pleased with them. 88 more to go!