Tuesday, 19 May 2009

King Masinissa

This is the Numidian King Masinissa, who changed sides before Zama and thus sealed the fate of Carthage. He's based on a Connolly reconstruction, which I think was sent to me by Allen around a year ago. I think he is a more historically correct figure to lead my Numidians than the Juba model.

The mini is a converted A&A rider on an eBob Crusader horse. The hornblower is Crusader.


Secundus said...

very nice, It's always good to get the Auxiliaries in there, they contrast nicely with the neat ranks of the Legions. I am still trying to finish my Syrian army, but haven't found time to paint in five months.
Oh the lonelyness of a long distance painter. However...now I am working back in London again rather than from home, my free time is now mine again. So get ready to see some new mini's.

BigRedBat said...

New minis- cool!

I paint every night but my rate for finishing things seems really slow. Takes me weeks and weeks to paint a unit.