Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dum de dum

Nothing very much to report. I'm trying to finish off a few odds and ends, namely:-

3 legionaries to complete a group of 8
2 ballistae and crews to feed the maw of eBay
A solitary middle Imperial Roman, kindly donated by Greg, who I need to finish my first MIR unit
3 celtic archers to complete the final 4th archer unit of my gallic army (at least 3 units of archers too many, but I had the painted figures)
3 Pictish flags for the 3 units I recently based

Finally, I need to finish a beautiful Thracian standard bearer, that I originally primed at least 2 years ago. He's such a lovely mini (and very complex to paint), that I've shied away from painting him all this time!

My intention is to finish off these odds and sods, to clear my painting table for Greg's gladiators. These lovely minis need basing, and I'll probably add a few highlights to the helmets and swords to make them shinier; I believe that helmets should be really bright. I hope you won't mind, Greg?


Grégory Privat said...

For sure I wont mind : I'm aware of my dark side.

BigRedBat said...

Thanks I will be careful with them.

Secundus said...

Do you paint figures and sell them on ebay? I like the idea of this and the money It would bring me, but I'm too attached to my little warriors by the time I've completed them. I admire your discipline.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Secundus,

No I love my little fellows, too!

The ones I paint and sell fall into two categories:

1. Figures I bought part painted on eBay, and don't want to keep. Often with a little TLC these can look great (and sell very well indeed!). The artillery pieces in the photo fall into this category.

2. Figures I painted a couple of years back, and have replaced with better minis. For instance, my current Foundry Picts replaced an earlier Irregular Pict army. I also tend to replace 25/28mm figures with bigger 28s.

I've never yet painted anything purely for eBay. BTW generals, artillery, elephants and guardsmen sell really well; don't bother propainting peasants! ;-)