Friday, 9 January 2009

Big Plans, Little Progress

I seem to be very good at buying figures and much less good at painting them! I'm now in for £169, with 116 figures bought and not one finished, and it's only January 8th! I'm also not very good at getting around to taking photos; hopefully I will tomorrow.

So far I've half painted 9 Picts, and based two regiments of 24 and 10 respectively. :-(

My big spring project involves wagons and carts; many wagons and carts. I've stripped my bits boxes and found a Minifig cart and wagon circa 1974 and improved them with Irregular Miniatures wheels:-

Also a Citadel adventure wagon c1990, and a Front Rank wagon from year before last:-

On the basis of a back of a fag packet calculation, this leaves me at least 10 vehicles short of what I need, and wagons aren't cheap! Happily Irregular Miniatures is a great place to buy bits and bobs, cheaply:-

I've ordered 5 carts and wagons from Ian Kay at Irregular, and a load of wheels for scratchbuilding. Let's see if that will do...


Grégory Privat said...

I would only buy wheels and balsa wood myself. Wagons are basiquelly boxes and wheels. With the wheels and balsa by hand (oh and eventually animals to put in front of the carts), I think you can make 2O or 30 carts in 2 days. We re speaking about big bagages chariot, right ?

BigRedBat said...

i Greg,

The Irregular ones are so cheap it makes sense to buy them; 1 cart and 2 wagons cost me £14 including postage. And there is a bit of complexity to some of them, since the 4 wheeled wagons usually have a turning front axle.

No point in making the small ones, but I will be making some of the bigger wagons using coffee stirrers.

You could make 20-30 in 2 days; I'd make 2-3! ;-)