Thursday, 15 January 2009

Celtic Army en masse

Secundus was asking what I have on his blog, and here they are; 5 units of lights, 8 Warband, 2 smaller warbands of Auxilia or "Hilltribesmen", 3 units of heavy cavalry and two of lights. Around 2/3 of these were painted to a fantastic standard by my good friend Nick S, and I painted or repainted the remainder, and based. Figures are a mix of A&A, Renegade, Foundry, Newline and Gripping Beast. The picture is clickable...


Secundus said...

I love your use of really bright, clean colours, they make the units really stand out. A very impressive army with loads of character there. I am looking forward to seeing what the baggage train will look like when you finish that.

This army is also helpful to me as it allows me to see what other ranges look like when painted up nicely. I have a bag of Newline Design Celts which i am planning on painting up as a seperate tribe as they have their own style ( a lot of cloaks), so it's nice to see the way you have done yours. Great work, you should be very proud of this army. Also hats off to your friend, you are both masters with the brush.

BigRedBat said...

Much appreciated Secundus! I don't think my own humble brushwork is as good as yours, though. I'm better at collecting, retouching and basing than painting.

The Newline figures are a good match sizewise for GB and Foundry. I don't like them as much as the others, but when they are on the battlefield they look just as good, from a distance.

Secundus said...

Yes I agree the Newline design are weaker sculpts than other ranges, However they are cheaper than most and when painted in large numbers look good. For example, I have loads of their Successer Pikemen that I know will look fine when based en masse.

Have you been tempted by any of the new Warlord Roman and Celtic ranges? I think their plastic Celtics make good skirmish troops with their energetic poses. They are fun to put together as well. Also there is the price which is unbeatable in todays market. They seem to be releasing new figures on a weekly basis, I think they will become one of the big boys on the scene, lets hope their prices don't go down the Foundry path.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Secundus, I don't like the WGs as much as you; this is because my minis are all the medium to larger ranges, and I know you use a lot of the small to medium ones.

Some are really nice but I don't like the stance of the celts with the legs wide apart. Still, I'd buy them if they were bigger.

The WFs I don't like so far; the Romans look a bit blobby. I may give the celts a go... I like their "Angus McBride" mini.