Tuesday, 22 May 2012

BigRedBat's Loft Sale part 1

I have come across an entire Grenadier Models Horse Raiders army in my loft, which I’m looking to sell on.  They are part of the well known Fantasy Warriors range and were sculpted by Bob Naismith.  There are no less than 38 riders, including a Khan, a very nice kettle drummer, 2 heroes (one hero has a missing foot), swordsmen and archers.  Most of the horses are blocked-in, and could be quickly finished with a wash and some detailing.

These miniatures are currently sold as Steppe Nomads by Mirliton in Italy, and the current RRP for these (converted from Euros) would be £127.  I’m looking for £50, plus P&P at cost.  If you would like them, and are going to Partizan this Sunday, then I can deliver them to you there, or you could collect from me in North London, or I could post.

Cheers, Simon
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