Saturday, 5 November 2011

Marcus Clodius Balista, Dux Ripae

Here rides Marcus Clodius Balista, Dux Ripae and later Praefectus Praetorio.  He is a noble Angle by birth, hence the blond hair, unusual on a Roman.  Although a barbarian, he rises high in the ranks of the Roman army at the time of Valerian and Gordianus, in the excellent Harry Sidebottom books.  If you've not ready these, do buy them as soon as you possibly can... the first, essentially about the siege of Dura Europos, is the very best, but all are good.  Harry Sidebottom has written the series of Roman novels that I would have written if a) I could write worth a damn, and b) I was an Oxford Lecturer in Ancient History!

This is another, slightly retouched mini from my fortunate US eBay purchase; a heavily converted Black Tree Miniatures Roman general, I believe.  Curses; it has just occurred to me that he should be riding Balista's Pale Horse...  the mount he is riding must be a "loner".  I might even tackle him, again, later (see comments).

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