Tuesday, 24 May 2011

250K Page Views! And some Slingers.

A kind thank you to all my visitors; my page count (since March '09) slipped past 250K this afternoon!  Please do keep dropping by here, and to my very new Horse'n'Musket blog, on which I next expect to post, tomorrow.

Here's a (clickable) unit of late Roman slingers I just finished.  I bought eight painted on Ebay, painted four more to match, gave them shields based on a Notitia design, and based.

I converted 2 figures to have staff slings, or fustibalii, and you should be able to make them out, below.  These started as spearmen.  I repositioned the arms and made the slings with twisted fine wire and a tiny bit of greenstuff.  They came out very well, I'll do more at some stage.

Ultimately, these will be in a separate army to my Late Roman Perrys, because they are rather larger minis, and I am nothing if not ruthlessly sizeist.  I aspire to a second army of mixed Black Tree, GB and Muskateer, like Jon's.
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