Monday, 6 September 2010

Ionian Interlude

During my recent hols, my family went to Lefkas, an Island off the West coast of Greece.  I was delighted to find (and go for a day cruise on) this wonderful ship, the "Odysseia", which you can see below drawn up on a beach where we swam and had a barbecue.

It isn't a true galley; although wooden throughout it has a keel and angine, and can only take one bank of oars on the deck.   It also has a bar.  However it did, very much, look the part!  It has been used in several historical dramas.  It has a shallow draft and was very easy to beach and un-beach, in much the same way as the ancient greeks must have.

On the return trip they turned off the engine and raised the sail, which carried the boat along at a good pace!

The captain, Dimitri, was a jolly soul, very much from the school of Zorba, and made it a great trip; I'd heartily recommend the experience.  The boat sails from the resort of Nidri, and the tour is very good value at e40.
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