Sunday, 12 September 2010

Coh. I et II Bataviorum Eq.

I'm delighted to have finished basing my second Batavian Cohort and the cavalry detatchments of both Cohorts (below).  All pictures are clickable.

The second cohort (below) is broadly similar to the first cohort.  Most of the minis are a re-paint from an eBay purchase, with some BTDs and a couple of Crusader minis thrown in (I really love their cornicer,  please remind me next time I am critical of a Crusader sculpt).

Below is the veteran 1st Cohort, from early last year.

And finally, below are the combined cavalry detatchments of the two cohorts.  Each of the Batavian cohorts had 4 (later 8) turmae of cavalry, that could be grouped together to form substantial cavalry forces. 

I'm pleased with the below; I took an old cavalry regiment (another eBay purchase) of Foundry Caesarian Celts, whipped the shields off, replaced a couple of minis with BTDs, and all the shields with shields nicked from my Foundry Ancient Germans in order that they would match the infantry.  I tarted up the bases and horses a bit, and they look the biz.

So now, with 7 cohorts painted, I'm pretty near to finishing the Auxiliary infantry expansion programme, and I've made a small start on the Auxiliary cavalry, of which I'll need another 66.  Gulp.
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