Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ideas for next year's game III - Magnesia

Magnesia is the third possibility for a big game in 2011.  

Plusses with Magnesia are that it really does have all the toys; armoured elephants, pikes, Romans legions   scythed chariots, camelry and cataphracts.  There aren't really many ancient battles that have a more varied selection of interesting troop types.  Some of the new figure ranges such as the Polemarch Successors and Aventine's Romans and elephants would tie in well with the project.  Finally, the flat battlefield I built for Zama could easily be adapted as Magnesia, by adding a river on the Roman left, and a camp behind the Roman centre, making it that bit different from Zama.

Issues with Magnesia are that we'd need a similar number of Romans to last year's game; essentially all of Craig's and Keith's (unless I get my Romans painted up).  We'd need to paint a large number of pikemen, elephants and a very large number of scruffy Seleucid skirmishers.   We'd also need  lots of Seleucid cavalry, that we'd probably need to source from Polemarch to match the bigger Aventine/Foundry minis we will be using (and I have some reservations about the necks on the horses; I need to see samples).  There were thousands of cataphracts....  we might need as many as 80-90 of these, alone.  Finally, we'd need scythed chariots, and Polemarch's aren't out, yet. 

Despite these difficulties, Magnesia would be a very engaging game, as it was the last major attempt of the Successors to resist the rise of Rome, and the quite possibly the last pike vs pilum battle.  Tempting...
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