Saturday, 19 June 2010


I've added another 8 hoplites to my phalanx.  One day I hope I'll have enough of them to challenge my  rather more numerous Spartans!

The two new elements are front right (photo is clickable).  Six of the eight were mostly painted, and IIRC I picked them up in a figure exchange; painted to a better standard than I manage!  I have painted rather less than half the minis in the unit.  Shields are a mixture of LBMS, VVV transfers and hand painted designs.  All the figures in the unit are Foundry, except one Crusader mini (front, 4th from right).  The Crusader isn't nearly as nice as the Foundry's. IMHO ; he has a wimpy little helmet crest and his forearms are a bit short.

I find hoplites very slow to paint, I think it is the individuality of their equipment.  Give me Romans any day...
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