Monday, 3 May 2010

Busman's Holiday

So after the better part of a year spent painting Romans and their foes, when I get a break I choose to paint some... more Romans.

This unit is going to be built around 2 dozen Foundry Auxilia minis I bought painted on Ebay.  The basing wasn't up to much (and to be honest the shield images look rather legionary to me) but by painting half a dozen more minis, and rebasing, I can make a large unit that should look pretty good.  I still have far too few Auxiliaries relative to my EIR legionaries.

I have at least half a dozen other units of Romans, Macedonians and Spanish that are in similar part-painted shape to this one, and I want to finish some of them off before I launch into another grandiose Zama-like project.
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