Monday, 19 April 2010

More shots of Zama

Very few of my photos of the game amounted to much, but I am confident that Ian will have some good pics.  Here are a few I took before the action grew too hot, and I got distracted...

View from behind the Roman lines at the start (that's Scipio in the foreground)

Roman tribunes confer over tactics; Aventine Adam and Keith (centre) and Nick Speller right.  You can see the Carthaginian elephants bouncing off the velites.  Later a couple managed to break through, and caused fearsome devastation. Keith tells me that my Carthaginians destroyed 19 out of the 21 units of Roman Hastati, Principes and Triarii (yet we still lost!).

Here's a view from behind the Carthaginian left, late on in the game.  Our Numidians hung grimly on to the very end.  By this time the Roman centre (back right) was reduced to a thin screen of velites, but our own mercenaries and levies had died in droves (see foreground) and our army morale failed.

I'll post some better photos when I can get hold of them...
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