Sunday, 20 December 2009

Aepycamelus Greens II

Here are the Aepycamelus greens I'm working on.  The main change since the last post is that I've started to flesh the legs out.  I also felt that the one on theleft was too long in the body, so I sawed a slice out of him, and stuck him back together!  This was fun and surprisingly successful.  I'm happier with him, now.

I am, however, experiencing a crisis of confidence over these greens.  Whilst I think I will be able to make them look reasonably good, they are, however, a bit big for my purposes, at 65mm tall; I really wish I'd made them 50mm tall, instead...  they are really 40mm scale rather than 28mm.  However I'm learning a lot, technically, as I go along with them, so I think that I will finish them (at least crudely) and then start over with a smaller armature.
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