Monday, 6 February 2023

Salute Phalanx II

I've made a fair amount of progress in the last ten days. There are more minis than before, although rather less than half are completely finished and inked. I'm hoping that the indefatigable Shaun McTague will help with these...  At least they all have shields attached, and almost half have pikes fitted. Still 44 more required, but they are in hand. 

I've also made up a load of bases for them, a mix of 60x40mm, 120x40mm and whopping great 120x120mm bases for the front rank elements that will have lowered pikes. Since the minis and pikes are pretty heavy, and I want them to hold securely, I fitted extra magnets where I felt there weren't sufficient. These bases are square, rather than my more usual wobbly-edged bases, because I had to match my existing Hellenistic units.

The next step will be to try to get some minis finished and on bases! I partly need to do this for purposes of my own morale, and partly because I've run out of storage space for the unbased minis.

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