Tuesday, 10 May 2022



Here's chum Ian helping me to mark up cloths for the Roundway Down game with a very unusual 26cm grid, that is required because of the somewhat unusual configuration of the battlefield (7 boxes wide). This proved to be quite involved, since the cloths I had picked are from Geek Villain and use a fleece that is lovely but stretchy, being designed to go over hills. But Ian and I are grizzled veterans of marking up cloths with grids - heck, we've even done hexes! - so it wasn't unduly taxing.

The reason I like these GVs is because they are a great shade of green and there's a nice nap to the fleece. Unfortunately I had to use the last three I had in stock, so I can't sell you any, but I'll hopefully receive more in June, both gridded and un-gridded.


Nigel said...

What marker are you using on the fleece mats?

fireymonkeyboy said...

I'm sensing a time-tested system for gridding here - it would be great to see a post breaking it down. Could you please do a step-by-step post?


BigRedBat said...

I used a sharpie and a fine, permanent OHP pen that I had to hand.

FMB, sorry it's hideously complex- we used three 6' lathes, one on each side and one for the long side of the mat. Had to make a lot of corrections as we went along. Two man-job!

Ray Rousell said...

That sounds like hard work!

Unknown said...

Good to se a LOTR book kicking about!