Monday, 17 January 2022

Adrian von Bubenberg

Adrian von Bubenberg was a Bernese knight, general and politician. He is chiefly famous from the battle of Murten, where his valiant defence of the town bought time for the Swiss army to assemble. This then went on to crush the Burgundians. Von Bubenberg sallied forth to join the ensuing massacre.

The models were beautifully painted by chum Andrés Amián Fernández, and are respectively Perry, Wargames Foundry and Grenadier miniatures. The flag is from Iain at Flags of War. Von Bubenberg probably didn't have a beard, but I love that model! You can't see it clearly in the photo, but he has blingy gold-plated armour.

He'll be one of the commanders for my Swiss army, which has been in storage for around a year but which I hope to get back onto, shortly, when I return from my holiday in 1672.

Today I'm working on the latest version of the TtS! Ancient Army List eBook, which I will publish on or about 31/1/22 (I'll send everyone who has bought it an updated version). I hope to include four new lists and a fair amount of extra background material on several of the existing lists.


David said...

A splendid Command base! The gold armour is really good.

fireymonkeyboy said...

Love it, some beautiful work here. And I agree 100% on the beard ;)

Independentwargamesgroup said...

Beautiful Simon. In two of my Swiss pike blocks I added some Perry bears and handlers. It is probably over egging the pudding but I do recommend them to add some drama.

Tizizus said...

What a beautiful command stand. The mix of colours is very effective

commissarmoody said...

A great looking command stand.

Chris Hahn said...

Very pretty - I mean very nice!

Coincidentally, I happened to stumble across a reference to Murten (or Morat) last month and have been looking into it ever since.

I plan on posting my "research" to my blog this coming week. You are more than welcome, of course, to take a look. To be certain, I lack the talent and resources to present anything like what you typically display to an admiring audience. However, I did have fun studying this previously unknown battle and trying to make sense of the source material dug up.

How's the new storage area coming along? Do you, in fact, have enough room for your thousands of toys?