Thursday, 19 August 2021

Simon's tournament army II

Above are the rump of my new Indian army for Chalgrove/London GT, excluding the elephants, now partially based. Three units of longbows, one of javelins, compulsory rubbish cavalry and golem (actually the camp ;-)  ). Mostly painted by Shaun McTague and Dan Toone, with finishing and basing by me. Some of these are just about to go off to chum Ian for flocking.

Below are the skirmishing archers and the chariots, still lacking crews but otherwise mostly there.

Not shown yet are the (numerous) elephants which are mostly complete, except they need additional crewmen and snagging.

So I'm really pleased with progress- it's looking good to have everything complete in time for the Chalgrove tournament on 4th September (and the second tournament at the London GT on the 26th). If you fancy coming along, we have space in each but we'd need army lists for Chalgrove in the next few days.

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