Thursday, 22 October 2020

Switzers IV

Last night I had a bit of a push on the first keil and finished the flags. I went with the Uri flag (Flags of War) and a couple of other flags in similar yellow/black colours (Pete's Flags), which tied in with the Uri colour theme.

You can see that I've based the core of the keil, including the command, halberdiers and less-armoured pikes, many of these have cantonal colours. The better-equipped pikes will be around the outside- these will have partial or, in a few cases, full plate, and are in generally less bright clothing.

Here's the Uri flag which depicts an auroch- I slightly overpainted the very nice Flags of War flag- gives it a nice texture. Iain very kindly re-sized the flag for me to make it slightly smaller- I wanted to put it on a spear rather than a pike. These minis are mostly by Shaun McTague.

All things being equal, I should be able to get the other 64 minis on their bases, tonight. Can't wait to see how they look! I've had a quick count- I have another 200+ painted Swiss with pikes and halberds, so hopefully will have three keils "in the field" by Christmas.


Daniel Moreno said...

Impressive, they look great!

Friends Of General Haig said...

The flags look great. Definitely a key part of the ‘look’ for this period.

rct75001 said...

Simon they are both spectacular and inspirational.


Millsy said...

Rough guess mate - how many pike miniatures do you think you have across ancient, medieval and renaissance periods? :P

Gonsalvo said...

They look super, and yes, lost of flags for this era! Other cantonal colors are red/white, red/black, and blue/white. Maybe red/yellow, and there are green white. but those were cantons added much later (I used them anyway, myself!).

James Fisher said...

They look great; most determined!
Regards, James