Monday, 20 April 2020

Venetian knights II part 2

Four or five painting sessions haven't got me very much further, with these, I seem to be getting slower and slower, and my sessions getting shorter and shorter. :-(  But the three new horses are mostly finished, most of the older minis have been retouched and the lances on the new knights are painted. A couple more sessions should do it!

Part of the reason I've been busy is that the shop has been lively- thanks for all the orders! Any and all panic-buying of rules is most welcome as I have plenty of stock. I've notice a big upturn on sales of bases- I can see that lots of you are getting down to some serious isolation re-basing!

Also, I'm working hard with a couple of groups who are developing modules that will enable both TtS! Ancients/Medieval and FK&P to be played online,  which is very exciting! Here's a screenshot from a prototype of the TtS! game I played last week.

And below, For King and Parliament.

I'll provide more information later this week!


David said...

They are coming along nicely Simon.

Daniel Moreno said...

Any progress is positive. I still only paint about an hour a day just so I do not burn myself out. I cannot wait for the TTS version, although, my group has been resistant to try it out...

Millsy said...

Any progress is good mate. I'm intrigued by the online efforts, particularly that first pic which looks very attractive indeed.

BigRedBat said...

Thanks chaps, I had a push last night and am closer to finishing them; I'm at the happy point where they are starting to look good. :-)

Happy Wanderer said...

There are a couple of TtS modules on there IIRC. Certainly one I saw. I can't see why there would be any resistance to it - it is just another way people can connect and get playing.

Given the the large forces needed for TtS Tabletop Simulator enables any large army to be created with suitable models and the game can be played as the maker included! It dead easy to make modules and can be nothign but a positive for TtS in my view.

Bring it on.


Happy Wanderer

Brian said...


We just finished a game of TTS on Roll 20. I made up all of the units (Hittites and New Kindgom Egyptians) from top downs from the Junior General site. Game played great.

Thanks for some great rules and resources

Brian Cantwell

BigRedBat said...

Just saw that on the forum, Brian- splendid!