Friday, 3 March 2017

Stunning New Aventine elephants!

Chums at Aventine have produced some new resin elephants (metal tusk and tail) which I received samples of, yesterday. These are Keith's pics but they are identical to the models here in the BigRedBatCave.

The new elephants are the same size as the previous metal ones, but superior in several respects:-

  • there is less assembly as the body is solid
  • the skin texture is really great- better than before- lots of shallow creases in all the right places
  • the legs are thinner; more realistic in my opinion
  • they weigh virtually nothing (which certainly cannot be said of their metal brethren!) - easier to carry and cheaper to post.

I gather the separate metal howdahs should be available in the next few days and a Macedonian rider with pike is to follow. I will encourage an Indian variant.

I must confess to a personal involvement in this as I  introduced the casting company to Aventine, so I am feeling more than a little smug. :-)

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