Sunday, 5 March 2017

Edgehill at Chalgrove

Alongside the TtS Worlds at the recent Chalgrove event, Andrew Brentnall ran a participation game of the Battle of Edgehill using his superb collection of 12mm ECW minis and the "For King and Parliament!"rules that we have been writing and developing together. Here are some photos of the game in progress!

The calm before the storm. The Royalists begin their advance from the right,
 as Andrew shows the Earl of Essex how to identify his troops!

Gerard's Royalist Brigade negotiates the rough ground in the centre

Rupert's horse (centre, foreground) advance over hedges and uphill
 to drive off the static horse on Essex' left flank (right foreground)

Ballard's Brigade of Foot refuse to advance a second time,
as Ramsey's horse attempt to stem Rupert's onslaught

Wilmot breaks through the Parliamentary right, and sets off in pursuit!

The outcome of the battle was a decisive victory for the King - which might have ended the war in 1642.

The fKaP rules are coming on well, with all the key rule mechanisms in place and over 11,000 words written. We've spent the last six months in development and play-testing, with help from numerous chums. We are coming towards the end of that stage, now. I plan to pile on with writing the remaining text during the spring and early summer.

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