Thursday, 19 May 2016

To Newark with Ballista and chums!

On Sunday I'll be at Partizan Wargamign and History at its new Newark Showground home running a game of To the Strongest! with Dr Phil Hendry and his wonderful Middle Imperial Roman and Sassanid collections. 

The Battle of Circesium will feature a Roman force, led by Ballista, Dux Ripae, fighting its way through a Sassanid horde to the relief of a besieged city. Here's a photo that I have lifted from Phil's excellent blog where you can see his lovely Third Century Romans and his Sassanids that will be used in the game.

Not only will there be me, Dr. Phil and his collection, we also have special guest Dr Harry Sidebottom, author of the Warrior of Rome and Thrones of the Caesars series. Harry will be signing his novels and passing out a free freshly sculpted miniature of the aforementioned Ballista (the hero of Harry's Warrior of Rome series) to those buying a book. Moreover, there will also be copies of "To the Strongest!" for sale and not only will £20 get you a copy of my worthy rules, but you'll get a free Ballista and a free sample pack of chits and bases, to boot! I'll even sign the rules too, if you want.  ;-)

Last but not least,  not only will we have me, Dr Phil Hendry and Dr Harry Sidebottom, we will also have Keith Branagh and Adam "Smithy" Smith from Aventine Miniatures. Keith runs the friendliest miniatures company in the land and Adam is a genius who sculpted all of the miniatures that will be used in the game, and the new Ballista, to boot. 

If you'd like to play the game and try out the To the Strongest! rules, post a message and I'll book you in. The game is in the centre of the gaming zone at DG15- look out for the city walls of Circesium!

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