Friday, 27 May 2016

Free Ballista is in the shop

Mate Keith at Aventine Miniatures very kindly gave me a small batch of the Young Ballista miniature that Adam sculpted for Harry Sidebottom. Ballista is the hero of Harry's "Warrior of Rome" series; a noble Angle whose fortunes rise (and occasionally fall) within the Roman military.

I am going to give one away with the next twenty orders over £30 in the BigRedBatshop. The link to the miniature in the shop is here. As well as the rules and bases, I recently received a big resupply of the excellent Deep-Cut cloth mats...

Adam painted one up and presented it to Harry, here he is! Adam has gone with the alternative spelling (there was a real Roman General called Balista).

Update- here's another version superbly painted by David Imrie.  Golly he's good.

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