Sunday, 17 April 2016

Salute 2016

Blogger meet photo nicked from Big Lee; your hero is on the left, oblivious to the photographer. 

Salute was another Excel Salute; well organised and as welcoming as a huge, dark, concrete-floored aircraft hangar can be welcoming. There seemed to be more traders and fewer, less impressive demo games, and mostly fantasy/sci-fi games at that. Many games weren't being played, which is such a shame. Not much for the historical gamer this year.  :-(

That said, despite not getting a table myself and missing all too many mates who were in the same boat, I had a very enjoyable time. Highlights included meeting Rick Priestly, Steve Saleh and Andres Amian Fernandez. It was also fantastic to run into so many people I know now within the hobby, especially the TtS! players. The traders I met were so friendly especially Martin and Diane at Warbases, Simon at S&A Scenics and Marcus at Foundry.

I took very few photos but wasvery taken with the Viking game by fellow blogger Dalauppror and friends- Foteviken 1134.

Stunning work!  I loved the vignettes, the tents and the half-built boat.

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