Sunday, 13 September 2015

More Vandals!

These are my second and third units of Vandals, this time painted by Shaun Watson (Redzed).

The first unit (above) are armoured "heavies" and the second unit (below) are unarmoured. The only change I made to Shaun's minis was to give a few the excellent Goth transfers from Little Big Men studios, many of which are based on the designs of Late Roman units. I've mounted them on deeper bases (67mm deep - five such units can fit in a 4L Really Useful Box).

Vandals are likely to have had short beards with many having long blonde hair. I really need to get going on some Vandal foot soon. I pe that these units will eventually fight the projected Aventine early Byzantines.

For my To the Strongest! rules I've created a pair of Vandal lists, because the proportion of cavalry seems to have increased steadily after they crossed the frozen Rhine in late 406 CE - by the time Belisarius whupped them in 533 CE they certainly had a very substantial cavalry contingent. I've just edited both lists and they can be downloaded for free from here.

This week I've been recovering from Partizan and sculpting tack and armour onto my Aepycamelus minis, of which more anon.

Lastly, my next gaming outing is at SELWG on Sunday 11th October, where I'll be running (as ever) a big game - Antiochus Soter's 278 BCE "Elephant Victory" over the Galatians. If anyone is coming to SELWG and would like to play (or better still help) please drop me a line as soon as possible!

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