Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Small but beautiful

Not everyone plays TtS! in 28mm; this week I've seen some lovely pics of 6mm figures. First, here are some pics of part of Ray Ashton's collection in Australia.

His Romans are on the left and Seleucids on the right.  I am guessing that the Romans might be Caesarians; it looks like the Seleucids moved first.

The lines close. I like the subtle grid; easy to see if one wants too, but unobtrusive.

The minis look terrific in closeup! Below, Ray is using activation chits instead of cards. These are de rigueur for the smaller scales where cards don't always fit into the smaller boxes.

I think it is a terrific looking game! Note the dinky elephants in the background... I gather that the Seleucids won by turning a flank. 

In other 6mm news, Richard Crawley has made a splendid 6mm wagon laager for To the Strongest!; you just have to have a look at this:


I could be very tempted to collect some 6mm myself, perhaps in periods like pike and shot that I've not previously tackled. Space is at a premium here in the BigRedBatCave...

Finally if you are going to Historicon this weekend, please drop by and say hello to the chaps at Footsore Miniatures. They are the exclusive US distributor of my rules and I'll be working on some projects with them in the coming months. They will only have two dozen hard copies on their stand at Historicon, so if you want to pick up a copy without paying for International postage, please get in sharpish!
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