Sunday, 12 July 2015

Athens and Sparta Part III

Here's the situation in mid-game; the Spartan units are circled in red.  Top right are the Spartiates, who have moved past the flank of the Athenian line, accompanied by a unit of psiloi. The rest of the line are stepped back in echelon with a unit of lights on the extreme left of the line. The Spartan cavalry are in reserve, but a unit of Athenian psiloi (who had been wandering lost off the table) have turned up behind them (below). Have a look at the tunic borders; Steve Jones painted these, he's very talented.

Below the Spartans having chased the Athenian cavalry and lights off of the table, are starting to turn towards the enemy camp. The Athenian cavalry have returned behind them. The Athenians now outflank the Spartan left, and several units on both sides are in states of disorder.

Above a view down the line. Below the Spartiates and cavalry have managed to redeploy squarely across the Athenian flank.

Below late in the game here is an unusual scene; the Athenian cavalry (left) are charging the flank of the Spartan phalanx, whilst the Spartan cavalry (right) have just been charging the flank of the Athenians in the lower right corner (who are doing their best to charge their own way out of trouble!). The Spartan horse have been charged in the flank and disordered by the Athenan lights. I've never seen cavalry on opposing sides charge in parallel before. An exceedingly confusing melee!

I don't have photos of the very end of the game, which was won by the Spartans who broke two of the Athenian phalanx and captured their camp. It was closer than it sounds from this; the Athenians were themselves close to breaking the Spartan left. All in all a very enjoyable game, and a fine outing for the new Athenian units who were necessarily crushed in their baptism of fire!

If you don't already have them, the Athenian and Spartan lists can be downloaded from here.

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