Saturday, 23 May 2015

The only good Celt...

I'm running a big Roman vs. Celt game at Partizan next Saturday and am basing/rebasing a few more of my least-favourite-to-paint* enemies of Rome. The minis on the left were painted by mate Nick Speller, who did a fantastic job (there will be close-ups when they are based). 

On the right I have repainted some chipped eBay purchases and am mixing them into an existing unit of slingers. I am gradually moving to larger and larger bases, and my old 6x3cm bases are being replaced by 6x6s and even 18x6s, which are much quicker to get onto the table and move during a game. I have discovered that I can glue new bases (the orange ones) onto the edge of existing bases, which means that I don't need to completely rebase the existing minis.

*I loathe painting Celts and believe they got what was coming to them!  ;-)
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