Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sneak-peeks of To the Strongest! v1.1

Very shortly I'll start taking pre-orders for the new book version of my "To the Strongest!" ancient and medieval wargames rules and the associated digital version (which will be free to those who purchased the previous version). 

In the meanwhile I thought people might like to see some pages from this new extended version of the rules, which has benefitted from a glossy makeover by Aussi mate Millsy and editing/proofing by various mates but especially Aaron Bell in Japan. Here's the new front cover (all images are clickable):

Next are some other pages, chose more or less at random. There are some rule changes to the previous version; legionaries now have a pila to throw, for example. There are a couple of new troops types, too: war wagons and heavy chariots. I will be providing a summary sheet listing the various rule changes. 

I really like the photo on the page below, which I hope helps to make the point that the game can be played in 15mm (or 10mm, 6mm or even 2mm!) as well as 28mm. The production-value of this version of the rules is much improved, and both versions have an Index. The digital version will retain the popular hyperlinks.

Lastly, diagrams have been made clearer and more examples have been included to help players to pick the rules up quickly.

I am momentarily expecting the proof-copy to plunk through my letterbox. Assuming I'm happy with it, I'll put them up in the shp for pre-ordering! I will have both versions ready by Salute (25th April), and if you are attending you will be able to pick up a copy (and perhaps chits and whatnot) there and save yourself postage.

Best, Simon

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