Friday, 10 April 2015

Pre-ordering To the Strongest!

I have the proof copy is in my hands and it looks brilliant; the quality of the paper is excellent and the images and diagrams are really crisp. :-)

If you would like to pre-order a copy of the book, it can be now purchased in the BigRedBatShop. The physical book version retails at £19.99, and the digital version £9.99.  Both versions can be purchased together for £24.99, a saving of £5.

If you previously bought the previous digital version, the new extended version will be emailed to you on the 27th of April. You are also entitled to a £5 discount off of the cost of the physical book; just buy the book in the normal manner, drop me a separate email at simonmiller60 (at) and I will refund £5 against the cost.

If you are attending Salute you can pre-order and collect the book from the Agema Miniatures stand (TE11), saving the cost of postage. Simply purchase the book in the normal manner, drop me an email at simonmiller60 (at) l to let me know you will be collecting it and I will refund the postage costs. I will post out the remaining orders early in the week after Salute (i.e. from 27th April onwards).

Salute is also be a great opportunity to pick up chits and victory medals, post free!  I have just added some shock missile (pila, angon or soliferrum) and lance markers to the shop that will be handy with the new version.

Here's the pre-order link for the rules, again:  BigRedBatShop

Whilst you are picking up the rules, you might like to take advantage of one of the the several excellent deals on their own products that Agema Miniatures will be offering on the day.  They have their Legion Deal (1 x box Legionaries, 1 x box Velites, 1 x pack metal command) for £30; a Praetorian Army Deal (2 x Legion deal, plus a pack of metal Army command, all for £60) and a buy three, get one free deal on all their metal blister packs. 

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