Monday, 1 September 2014

Back from the Wargames Holiday Centre

Had a very enjoyable long weekend in Basingstoke gaming with a fine bunch of chaps at the Wargames Holiday Centre, near Basingstoke. Much lead was shifted, and fun had. Not a lot of photos were taken though.  :-(

The below is of a game I am using to teach the rules and to test the maniple vs. legion mechanics for our Pydna game on Sunday.  Watching the phalanx struggling up Mount Olocrus was a lot of fun. The Roman velites were particularly effective at discomforting the Macedonians.

Another battle was Megalopolis 331BC, AKA "The Battle of Mice". This was weighted in favour of the Macedonians, but the Spartans made them work very hard for their victory in both games.

The third of 5 was a battle in Kent in 55BC, with Caesar trying to rescue his ambushed foragers. He succeeded once, and failed once. I made good use of the WHC's very large tables and terrain boards for this one.

Alas I have no photos of the other two games.  I was very happy with the way the rules worked, and took away some useful suggestions.  But boy, am I knackered!  :-)

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