Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Stamping my foot!

Back in 2010, for the Zama game I did (mostly) with Keith and Adam at Aventine, and with Craig Davey, I bought an army of the lovely Aventine Miniatures Republican Romans and Late Etruscans. As it happened, I only painted a few dozen at the time (I worked mainly on the Carthaginian opponents), and have never had enough to play a game by myself.

Now, as part of the Partizan Pydna Project (of which more anon), I am finally going to "stamp my foot" like Pompey did (only hopefully with rather more success), and two new legions are going to spring forth, fully formed, from the fertile soil of Muswell Hill in time for t'other Partizan on 7th September.

How is this possible, I hear you ask, in such a short timescale? Well I have been lucky enough in the intervening period to buy some beautifully painted minis from Shaun (Redzedz), David Imrie and Craig Davey, and supplement them with some eBay purchases. With a little tweaking, and a little painting, these mercenary forces are going to be formed into one Roman and one Latin legion.

And so, here are the first spoils; these are the velites for the Roman legion. They are a mix of David's and Shaun's figures, re-based and looking very fine, if I say so myself!  These (together with my 2010 Late Etruscans) give me six of the required fourteen units, so just the eight to go. Gulp.  

I love the standard bearer; One of Shaun's I believe.
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