Wednesday, 9 July 2014

More late late Romans

I couldn't resist working on the painted cavalry Craig sold me with the three infantry units. There were a few tiny chips, and the superglue had degraded so everything needed to be re-glued. They are mostly finished (below), I just want to apply some varnish to the shields and horses tails. I find that tails, in particular, get a great deal of wear and need all the protection they can get. I painted one shield to match Craig's hand painted ones.

Below, I painted 8 infantry shields to match some of Craigs. Craig painted the small shields at the bottom and the ones in the centre of each Jenga piece (and 25 more not shown). Mine aren't quite as good, but when they are on the minis it will be very hard to tell them apart. I really like the subtle variations one gets with hand-painted designs. I've actually found myself thinking about painting a second unit, so I could have a full 1,200 strong Legione; however 5 nights more shield-painting is a somewhat daunting prosepect.

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