Monday, 17 February 2014

Room 101

In the UK, we have a TV show called Room 101, where guests are invited to discuss their pet hates, and the host decided if they should be consigned to a fate worse than death, in Room 101.

I would like to propose Celtic wargaming armies for inclusion in Room 101, because:- 
  • Celts are ridiculously hard to paint.  Much of their clothing should be chequered, or tartan; both insanely hard to paint. Their shields can be painted in elaborate patterns. They can be covered with tattoos. No two Celts should look the same. This is an army seemingly designed to be hard to paint; perhaps the last revenge of a doomed culture
  • After spending many months painting a Celtic army, you put them on the battlefield. Do they win? Do they 'eck! All Celts ever do on the gaming table, is to perish in vast numbers, under a hail of pila, at the hands of different flavours of Romans
I think there is a clear case for consigning the Celtic warrior to the dustbin of (wargaming) history. 

What do you reckon?  Is there a wargaming army that you would like to see consigned to Room 101? If so please post a link to it in comments (if you have trouble posting because of Google+, please drop me an email at the address on my blog and I'll post it for you).

(I am currently painting Celtic miniatures for a game at Salute.  I cannot abide painting Celts, so it is deeply that I need to paint 70 or so more over the next month)  

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